Wait Kevin, it is not yet time for the Apple fruit to fully blossom.


In the wake of last Sunday’s English Premier  League between Liverpool and Manchester City the Belgium assist king was substituted in the 69th minute by  Mateo Kovacic.

It did not go well with Kevin De Bruyne who after being substituted couldn’t hold the emotion but voice his displeasure toward his head coach Guardiola.

It was therefore explained to him that the reason that led to his substitution was because City had lost their grip on the ball, especially in the center of the pitch thus it was necessary to bring in a player who would hold the ball.

He swiftly explained his reasons saying “We need a player who keeps the ball. It’s not about pressing. It’s not about his play. We were happy with Kevin. It’s not a problem. We’re fine,”

Kevin’s return from an injury personal has been hurried and not nurtured, City must use him cautiously because the player is now beyong trying to prove his worth again, he simply needs a rest.

He admits his injury crisis and explains further “Basically, I’m a 32-year-old footballer who has been playing 15 years, made almost 700 appearances, had a couple of hamstring injuries and the surgeon told me my hamstring was like a wet paper towel. The tendon was ruptured, they needed to clean it out and it was the best decision.”

With 10 matches remaining and Kevin grabbing his  5th assist of the season Manchester City should be aware of the player’s potential next season and find alternatives to keep him rested.

Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com