Wait Ronaldo, Dont ruin it all in Saudi Pro League.


The 21st century has been blessed with one of the greatest of all time notably Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese striker’s obsession with perfection and power is one many cannot keep up with.

Now in the Middle East representing al Nassr and in 2023 scoring 54 goals, this power machine of a player is just like an American product that is built to last without any glitches, he even outscored Erling Haaland of Manchester City.

Highly emotional it would be a mistake for Ronaldo not to channel his emotional power on the game but at the funs it could prove deadly for his illustrious career that has seen him win 5 Ballon D’ors and the greatest scorer of our generation with 877 goals.

Ronaldo’s rival Messi seems to be ending his career on a high, he plays with fun and keeps all the fans happy but it is the opposite for Ronaldo who cannot tolerate the boos in Saudi and thus continue to hit at fans in a sometimes bad fashion.

When quizzed about his rivalry with Messi, Ronaldo insisted it was over saying

“The rivalry is over. It was good, a healthy rivalry that spectators liked a lot. Whoever likes Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have to hate Messi or vice-versa because they’re both very good. They changed the history of football, and they keep on doing it.”

But the once Sporting Lisbon Winger played it down saying he is a professional and is used to such manners in Europe

According to Al-Riyadiya, Ronaldo explained his actions in an official statement. He is reported to have said: “I respect all clubs and the action in the shot expresses strength and victory and is not disgraceful, and we are used to it in Europe.

But now it is clear the rival will be here for eternity and Ronaldo and the world know it is not over like Pele and Maradona.

Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com