We don’t care about your personal matters with your baby mama.


Popular Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu has blasted the infamous comedy Funny Face for stating publicly that which should be addressed personally.

In the wake of the comedian’s accident in which he crashed into five people including a mother and two kids Kwaku Manu who is well aware of the comedian’s mental health issue stated that it was baseless for him to reveal the circumstances about his baby mama to the public.

This was after Funny had revealed how Vanessa his baby mam tried to get his attention when she wanted to visit him.

“You came begging me, asking me to co-parent with you, telling me that you love me, and so on. So, is this it? You recently came to Accra and asked to come to my house to sleep over. You said you wanted to come and I insisted that I wasn’t around, I said I was at Winneba. Do you remember?

“Should I have allowed you into my home once again, so you catch me in the middle of the night and sleep with me? So you would have brought up your favourite doggy styles again? No way!” he stated in an Instagram video.

But Kwaku Manu thinks it was a wrong move to have told the public this part of their conversation.

Describing it as an immature act, Kwaku Manu while addressing the situation on his YouTube channel said,

“Coming to social media to announce that Vanessa wanted you back, and wanted to sleep over at your house was unnecessary. Giving too many details about the doggy was also unnecessary. If Vanessa was in Accra and wanted someone to sleep with and called you, how is that our business? You are the only person who knows why you don’t ever want to have anything sexually to do with her, it’s not our business, so don’t tell us.”

Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com