When the chance comes leave and do not come back – Captain Planet advices youth


Captain Planet a leader of the 4×4 group has thrown his voice behind the increasing influx of Ghanaians abroad, and as the youth are now predomnantly on the internet the rapper made this claim on social media which is the easiest way to convey the message.

He voiced his concern on Twitter now X upon sighting a large number of Ghanaian youth at the Canadian embassy y in Ghana and questioned the reasons behind the youth exodus.

He stated that this should be an issue of concern for the government, but they do not care about citizens.

“Yesterday I saw a huge number of people at the Canadian embassy and I asked myself why all these young men/women leaving the country. This is something our leaders should be concerned about but like I said b4 “They don’t give a shit about you,” he posted.

This tweet follows an earlier post from March 8, where he advised those who have the chance to leave Ghana not to return.

According to him, the current crop of leaders is not concerned about the well-being of citizens.

He criticized the government officials for focusing on personal wealth accumulation rather than securing the future of the country’s youth.

The Captain Planet’s comments reflect a growing sentiment among the youth, who face high unemployment rates amid the harsh economic landscape in Ghana and have taken to betting and other nefarious crimes to survive, some even stood as low as getting sexualized as gay but the roots all because of hunger.

Source Nationaltelevisiongh.com