You insult others and hate when u are insulted in return – Sally Mann blast Shata Wale


Renowned Ghanaian Dancehall artiste has been blasted by Sally Man for not practicing what he preaches, the media personality was full of caution for the ‘Ayoo’ singer, especially with regards to how he occasionally insults persons who are dignified people of the state.

She spoke at length and was amazed as to why the outspoken Musician loved to ridicule people for fun and often used derogatory remarks on high-profile people and those who even criticized hos work.

Outspoken entertainment pundit Sally Mann has descended on Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale for the derogatory remarks he makes when an individual criticizes his work.

She noted that Shatta’s intolerance to criticisms aimed at his work does not speak well of him as an artiste especially when he is fond of insulting people publicly and denigrating their reputation.

Highlighting her views on Power Entertainment, Sally expressed her displeasure about how Shatta responds to criticisms, saying that it is not the right thing to be done by an artiste of his pedigree.

“I am saying that he [Shatta] cannot insult prominent personalities like Fadda Dickson, Kwame Despite unprovoked and when he is criticized, he is pained. Doesn’t he know that Despite, Fadda Dickson and Andy Dosty have business partners? When we criticize his work, he is worried and annoyed,” she fumed.

It will be recalled that Shatta Wale rained insults on Despite and Fadda Dickson when Peace FM Entertainment Review show host, Kwasi Aboagye scolded him.

Recently, Sally chided Shatta for his performance at the African Games opening ceremony held at the University of Ghana Sports Stadium, describing it as “disappointing.”

The Dancehall artiste has yet to respond to criticism directed at him.